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HP - Valentine's Romance Trailer

My Role: Concept, Storyboards, Final Edit, Music Selection, Graphics & SFX

HP - BTH - Trailer

My Role: Main Editor, Sound Design and Title Cards. Helped with Direction, Music Selection and Gameplay Capture as well. 

GG - Totally Awesome Ad

My Role: Writer, Director, Narrator, Motion Graphics, Cinematography, Audio, Animation, Green Screen, Titles, Video and Sound Editing.

Cursed Tiki Temple Expansion Trailer

My Role: All Video Editing, Gameplay Capture.

Motion Graphics by Brandt Snyder.

WWD - Confrontation Ad

My Role: Co-Director, Shooter, Editor, Sound.


End Card created by Jordan Rassulo.

WWD - Uncensored Trailer

My Role: I was the main editor of the trailer, I assembled and edited all of the animation clips, titles, and gameplay. I also designed all of the audio that you hear, I chose and edited the music, vocals and sound effects for the piece.


Crash Bandicoot Announcement Teaser

My Role: Main Gameplay Capture and Editing.

Motion Graphics, Additional Footage and Final Edit by Brandt Snyder.


Shakespearience! Stories - Joseph

My Role: Concept, Director, Interviewer, Shooter, Editor, Audio, Motion Graphics.

Demo Reel:
Art & Storyboards



Storyboards & Beat Boards


Quick Simple Animatic

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