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Sean is an artist, filmmaker, and videographer with over eight years of experience creating video and design media for clients and companies throughout the San Francisco bay area and beyond. He currently works in Southern California as a Sr. Motion Graphics Designer and Video Editor for the mobile game company Jam City. 


He has a BFA in film directing, and his films have been screened in festivals such as the Mill Valley Film Festival and Spike & Mike's Festival of Twisted Animation, and his artwork has popped up in various forms throughout the bay area and LA. He places his films and works under the banner Twisted Willow Productions, with an emphasis on creating works that are both beautiful and a little twisted. 

Creatively, he prides himself on being multi-skilled and is constantly looking to improve his artistic and storytelling abilities and to work with like-minded individuals in all creative fields. 


He loves movies, music, video games, books, traveling, acting in Shakespeare plays and wandering through museums. So, pretty much anything having to do with the arts and old stuff. 


Sometimes, he can be found writing about himself in the third person. He thanks you very much for reading this and for checking out his work.  

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